Great Job Dee!


October 2005 (wow, that long ago)

To check out the fun I had moving to Hawaii, check out my pictures. Strongly recommend anyone that has the chance, drive across this great country, visit the national parks, they are really treasures! I also have the story of buying a house in Hawaii.

Golfing (updated 2 Jan 2008)

I have picked up the clubs again and even bought new ones. What is so wrong about using the same clubs Dad gave me in highschool? Check out the course I have been playing.


Ok. I give up. There are many issues out there our elected officials feel important enough to pass laws and spend billions of dollars on. Many of them seem to be feel good pork, how can I spend my money (not taxpayers but Congress's money) to get myself elected again. I get a number of emails from family and friends that say "pass this along." While I can not vouch for the authenticity, they do represent what I feel is the truth (otherwise I would not post them). Feel Free to check them out!!

World of Warcraft

Check out my guild pages for the fabulous game World of Warcraft! I play on Runetotem. The Horde side is in the guild Temperance, the Alliance side is Intemperance.