I enjoy playing a variety of games. I shy away from some of them that involve huge strategy and long hours, but have played a few.

If you are interested and live here on Oahu, please let me know. I have met up with a few people and we started a group on www.meetup.com called The Oahu Board Gamers

Click here to check out
The Oahu Board Gamers!

If you live in Maryland, I would suggest The Games Club of Maryland. Great way to meet others and play a large variety of games. The link to GCOM is disable due to a hacker attack on that website.

Click here for a list of games the group has played to date (18 Jan 2009).

Here is a list of my games

Game Type Players Time   Comment
Finstere Flure board 2-7 45 chess like  
Lost Cities card 2 20-40  
Trans America board 2-6   train  
Trans Europa board 2-6   train  
Sequence card 2,3,4,6,8,9,10    
Nuclear War card 2-6    
Nuclear War card 2-6    
Nuclear Prolifieration card expansion    
Nuclear Escallation card expansion    
Weapons of Mass Destruction card 2-4     2 copies
Kremlin board 3-6   strategy  
Metro board 2-6   trains/puzzle  
Memory Madness card 3 or more   party  
Crown Emperor card    
Saint Petersburg board 2-4 60  
Hex card    
Anathema card    
Fluxx (version 3) card 2-6 2-6 party  
The Great Dalmuti card 5-8 15 party  
Uno card    
Xmachina card   party  
Stoner Fluxx card 2-6 2-30 party  
Acquarius card    
Fraud Squad card 3-6    
Lord of the Rings Board Game board 2-5    
Lord of the Rings trivia Game     party  
Ticket to Ride board 2-5 30-60 train   
Ticket to Ride Europe board 2-5 30-60 train  
Counting ZZZZZs card 2-4    
Nobody but us Chickens card 3-6   kids  
Showbiz Shuffle card 2-4    
San Juan card 2-4 45-60  
Employee of the Month card 2-6 20  
Xactika card 2-10   bidding  
Too Many Cooks card 2-5   bidding  
Apples to Apples card 4-10   party  
Apples to Apples exp 1 card    
Apples to Apples exp 2 card    
Family Business card 2-6    
Dodge City card 4-7 20-40  
Bang card 4-7 20-40  
Carcassonne tile 2-5 30-45  
Carcassonne expansion      
Werewolves party 8-18 20-40 party  
Run for Your Life Candyman board 2-6    
Chrononauts card 1-6    
Vanished Planet board 1-6 60-120 strategy  
GOA - Destination Spice Islands resource 2-4 90 resource/strategy  
Mhing card 2-6    
Cosmic Encounter board 3-6   strategy  
Cosmic Encounter (original) board 3-6   strategy  
Cosmic Encounter (Mayfair) board 3-6   strategy  
Puerto Rico resource 3-5 90-150 resource/strategy  
Puerto Rico expansion      
Amoeba Wars board 2-6 60-360 strategy  
Tigris and Euphraties board 3-4 60-120 resource/strategy  
La Citta board 2-5 60-150 puzzle/resource  
Class Clown card 2-4   silly  
Moon BaseCopernicus card 3-7   cheap ass games  
Mille Bornes card 2,3,4, or 6    
Age of Mythology board 2-4 120  
Stratego Legends board 2   strategy  
Plague board    
Battlemist board 2-6 180-300 strategy unopened
Kensington board 2-6   puzzle  
Pub Crawling board 2-7 Adult drink/non-drink rules
Robo Rally board 2-8 30+ puzzle/strategy  
USA 1910 (exp to Ticket to Ride) board 2-5 30-60 Train Acquired 25 Dec 2007
Infernal Contraption card 2-4 20-60 family Acquired Nov 2007
Grave Diggers (Reiner Knizia) board 2-5 30-40 card/board Acquired Nov 2007
Cineplixity card 2-5 30-40 card like Apples to Apples Acquired Nov 2007
Unspeakable Words card 2-6   card Acquired Nov 2007
A Game of Thrones board/strategy 3-5 2-3 hours resource Acquired Dec 2007
Shark board 2-6   resource Acquired Dec 2007
Settlers of Catan board 3-4 60 resource/strategy 28-Nov-08
Settlers of Catan (expansion) expansion 5-6 60 resource/strategy 28-Nov-08
Saint Petersburg (exp) expansion     resource/strategy 28-Nov-08
Carcassonne (Princess & the Dragon) expansion 2-6 30-45 puzzle 28-Nov-08
Samurai board 2-4 45 strategy 28-Nov-08
Power Grid board 2-6 120 strategy 28-Nov-08
Power Grid (Exp China/Korea) expansion 2-6 120 strategy 28-Nov-08