Rules of the Guild

This is work in progress. Please consult the forums section for additional and perhaps more up to date information. The website is on guildportal.

This pages are maintained by Silly (Sillynonsens, Slapmesilly, Sillylitlme, and Happytalk).


Ranks based on your participation.

Ranks with Additional Responsibility

The following ranks are more than just your participation in events. It is expected that you are part of the planning and leading of the guild. Obviously, there are several degrees of this this.

The first two ranks allow you to be involved in officer chat. This is where established leaders can discuss things that newer members and less participatory people do not see. Obtaining these ranks start getting you involved in operations of running the guild.

The next ranks allow you to invite and promote respectively. This is your first steps to actually making decisions that effect the guild. It will be expected you follow the rules that have been established for guild membership and promotions.

The last rank is Field Marshal. This is the cabinet and made up of the people with full guild privledge, including kicking from the guild.

The last rank is Grand Marshal. This is reserved for the guild master.

Officer Procedures

The following items will help officers follow some standard procedures to assist in guild management.

Adding new member


Once a member is added, it is the responsibility of the recruiter to make a note of it in the officer's note of the member. The officer's note can be found by clicking on the members name.
The note MUST contain the date joined.
The mimimum level of membership to the guild is now 25. There are exceptions to this rule however.

Looting Rules

These are must-follow rules and breaking these rules may lead to banning, or some other disciplinary action.

Below are cases where you are allowed to press need on any loot.

  1. It is better than what you currently have equipped.
    If you take it for this reason, you must equip it right away.
  2. It pertains to your class.
    Example: priests taking for shadow or holy bonuses for the item.
  3. If you are given permission to take the loot. (asking before you press need)
  4. If it is bind on equip, you may certainly not need it if you cannot use it.
Those are prime examples, and this should lay the groundwork for examples on using need.
In all other cases, please use the greed button. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the guild forums.
Consequences of pressing need level 30+. Once you are level 30, it is expected that you have read and follow these rules and abide by them. Temperance encourages everyone to inform the Field Marhals of any ninja'ing so we can keep a tally of how often a person has done it. Violations of rules include: ANY NINJAING = INSTANT BAN NO QUESTIONS. The leadership will be keeping a list in the information section of guildportal of people banned from the guild, whether they are ninjas or not.

  1. Any form of mount
  2. Any form of bags; IE: traveler's backpack
  3. Righteous Orbs
  4. Black Diamonds
  5. Scourge Tokens/insignias (the sort dropped in strat)
  6. Any cards. EX: Ace of Warlords
  7. Any caged pets
  8. Pearls
  9. Cooking Recipes
  10. ANY FORM OF EPIC THAT IS BOP (read bottom to see procedure for epics)

If you have any suggestions of items to add or clarity changes, discuss in the Forums on GuildPortal. These particular webpages can be a little behind because Silly has to do the editing.

Bind on Pickup Items

Also, another rule is that if no one needs a Bind on Pickup item, it is common guild (and WOW) courtesy that if there is an enchanter in the group, the enchanter takes the item and disenchants it. Then the group will roll for the shard. However, if it is a green (uncommon) item, everyone may greed and whoever wins can sell it to a vendor.

Sorry enchanters but needing it so you can disenchant it does not work!

The AH sales output is much higher on the shards, versus the vendor buyback of soulbound items.


If you can not immediately use it, You MUST PASS. These will follow the same rules as green and blues. BUT rolling this wrong may prompt immediate kick from the guild. Don't act innocent, it won't work. In the future as we get better organization and coordination, we will start some kind of rating system for the end game instances.


More information for these and other addons can be found at the addon page.

We currently strongly encourage two addons.

Later when we get more level 70's and we run the end game instances addon will be added like:


This guild uses TEAMSPEAK for voice communications. The server is run from the guild master's home. Silly has two computers and a cable connection. WoW is played on one computer, the other machine hosts the teamspeak server and Silly's connection to that server as well.

Silly has been runing this server for a long time with no adminstrative difficulties. The last time Silly tried Vent, it was a headache. He has not tried to do it since.

Please note that I have had a bad experience in the past when people found my server and started using it to speak in a foreign language. Since I did not know what they were discussing, I created a password for the server. From this I experience I will only support English on this server. Discussions of illegal activities (drugs...) of any kind will be an immediate ban from the server.

General Rules

Using the server

The server currently has no password, that will change if circumstances become bad.

Some TEMPERANCE Pictures

I have found some programs that will convert your WOW pictures to GIF.