Hello, My name is Ray. Could you have guessed?

I am a Federal Employee whose job is moving to HAWAII!!

This is my new website.

Do you like it? (do I care?)

I am a 45 year old, divorcee. I like many things but am slow to try new ones, but I am willing. I have done rock climbing and hiking. I enjoy science fiction shows and an avid Star Trek fan. I also like the Star Gate series, Andromeda, and others. For my 10th anniversary, we went on a two week hiking trip to Kamchatka, Russia. It was great. That would probably make a good web site too. I was married for 12 years before the divorce, we don't talk much but we are still friends.

I of course enjoy my computer and play on it in preference to watching TV. Currently the game I play is World of Warcraft. I do very little on the social sites.

I used to read a lot but my eyes don't seem to let me do that very comfortably anymore.

One of my hobbies is playing board games. At some point I will put out a list of what I have. They very from simple card games to marathon strategy games. Most of them can be learned easily and played in less than an hour, those are my favorate kind. One of my favorate games is called Cosmic Encounters, it does take a minimum of four people though, so I don't get to play it very often. Another game that is really fun is called RoboRally. Maybe at some point I will put some of these up on my website as well.

Job? I am an electrical engineer, though now I do project management and don't do a lot of engineering. As I say above, I work for the Federal Government so I am not able to tell you much of what I do. I have lived in Maryland, England, and now Hawaii. The Government has also sent me on business trips all around the world, though I don't do much traveling anymore.

I grew up in Connecticut and went to college in Hoboken, NJ at Stevens Institute of Technology, class of 84.